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Caspian Gold Sintered Stone Dining Table Set

Caspian Gold Sintered Stone Dining Table Set

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Transform your dining area into a realm of opulence with the Caspian Gold 1.8m Dining Table featuring a Polar White Sintered Stone Top. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this table effortlessly marries elegance with functionality. Its captivating pedestal-style base, adorned with intertwined rings bathed in a resplendent gold hue, sets a tone of regal sophistication. Atop this base rests a rectangular tabletop crafted from pristine white polar sintered stone, exuding timeless charm and durability.

The Caspian Gold table is built to last, reinforced by a sturdy black foundation at its bottom, ensuring years of enduring beauty and functionality for your dining space.

Crafted from sintered stone, a durable, non-porous material derived from natural minerals, the tabletop resists scratches, stains, and heat. Its easy-to-clean surface and various design options make it both practical and stylish for everyday use.

*Please let us know in the order notes which chair style you prefer (Etta, Astra or Luna), if you do not we will make the decision for you.



  • Height: 77cm
  • Width: 180cm
  • Depth: 85cm

Etta Beige Leather Dining Chair:

  • Height: 90cm
  • Width: 46cm
  • Depth: 46cm

Astra Beige Leather Dining Chair:

  • Height: 95cm
  • Width: 50cm
  • Depth: 50cm

Luna Velvet Chair:

  • Height: 87cm
  • Width: 53cm
  • Depth: 54cm
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